Catholic Cemetery Tombstone Inscriptions
Northampton County, Pennsylvania
Holy Ghost Catholic Cemetery, Sioux St. Bethlehem, Pa.
I have completed about 95% of the cemetery. The missing 5% represents stones that are too badly damaged or worn away to read and a few that I may have just plain missed. (Due to the very uneven rows in the older parts of the cemetery).
This is a Cathloic cemetery that dates from about 1880. To learn more about the cemetery and about Holy Ghost Church, Visit this very informative site: Holy Ghost Church

The names are listed alphabetically by surname.
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St. Josaphat's Ukrainian Catholic Cemetery, Easton Road, Bethlehem, Pa.
This is a small cemetery that was established in 1938.
I have about half of the tombstones listed. I will be adding the rest very soon.
There are a few stones that I can not read because they are in another language- Ukrainian, I believe. If anyone can translate for my or know who is buried in those plots, I would appreciate the assistance.
St. Josaphat's Cemetery
St. Josaphat's Cemetery
St. Michael's Cemetery Photographs-

This large old Catholic Cemetery is located in South Bethlehem along 4th St. The burial records for this cemetery were lost many years ago. There are a few plot maps around that show the names of the people who purchased the plots. A few years ago, the S. Bethlehem Historical society listed the names of the plot owners in one of its news letters. I have this information and can do lookups. It is a great old cemetery with interesting stones. Many have unfortunatley succombed to vandalism or the elements. I have taken a few photos and posted them to my site.
St. Michael's Catholic Cemetery, 4th St.,  Bethlehem, Pa.

A few transcriptions from St. Michael's cemetery. More burials can be found at or at