Generation No. 1

          1.  Jacob Miller.was born 11 June 1816 and died 11 December 1891.  He married Catharina Sommer. She was born abt. 1810, died 19 September 1886.

1850 Federal Census, Rockland Township, Berks County:

              Jacob Miller            40                Laborer       Real Estate: $2000.00
               Catharina                40
               Jacob                      11
               Louise                      9
              Rebecca                   4
              Sarah                      14
              Margaret Miller        77
Children of Jacob Miller and Catharina are:
+          2          i.          Jacob Miller, born 06 August 1839 in Rockland Township, Berks County, Pa; died 29                               August 1905 in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.
            3          ii.       David Alfred Miller, born 20 July 1842.
            4          iii.      Catharina Anna Miller, born 01 January 1852.
         5.      iv       Rebecca Miller
         6.       v.      Sarah Miller

Generation No. 2

          2.  Jacob Miller (Jacob1) was born 06 August 1839 in Rockland Township, Berks County, Pa(2,3), and died 29 August 1905 in Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.  He married Mary Amanda Gebel (4,5) Abt. 1860(6), daughter of John Gebel and Lea Gilburt.  She was born 28 June 1834 in Pennsylvania(7), and died 06 June 1915 in Emmaus, Lehigh county, Pa.(8,9).

Federal Census-1880-Lower Macungie Twp., Lehigh County, Pa

Visit #242, Family #274
                Miller, Jacob          42      Laborer
                          Amanda      43
                           Frank           15      Laborer
                          Clara           13
                          Laura          10
                          Annie           7
                          Morris           6
                          Lizzie           4
                          Mini             2

Federal Census- 1900--Alburtis, Lower Macungie Township, Lehigh County

Visit #298, Family #299
             Miller, Jacob          59         Mar. 40 yrs.       Day Laborer      Owns house
                       Amanda       62         11 children                                 Does not speak english

Obituary-Allentown Morning Call, Aug. 31, 1905:

               Jacob Miller, of near Lehigh Church,
          died Tuesday night of heart trouble, aged
          66 years. he is survived by his wife, seven
          daughters and 3 sons: Mrs. Hiram Krauss,
          Mrs.  Wilson Hinkle, Mrs. Milton Marks,
          Mrs. Ernest Stansfield, of Emmaus, Mrs.
          Richard Hoffman, Mrs. Elmer Bortz, Mrs.
          clinton Diefenderfer, Jas. Miller of Allentown,
          Frank Miller of Macungie, and Morris Miller of
          Stewardsville, N.J. Funeral on Saturday at 9:30.
          Sevices and burial at Lehigh Church. Rev. I.B.
          Ritter will officiate.

Notes for Mary Amanda Gebel:
Obituary-Allentown Morning Call, June 7, 1915:

          Miller-At Emmaus, June 6, 1915
          Mary Amanda, widow of Jacob
          Miller, nee Gebel. Funeral June 10,
          from home of son-in-law Hiram Krauss,
           North Second St., Emmaus.
Children of Jacob Miller and Mary Gebel are:
           7          i.          Jason3 Miller.
+      8          ii.       Frank J. J. Miller, born 21 September 1863 in Lower Macungie Twp., Lehigh County,                                Pennsylvania; died 01 January 1944 in Macungie, Lehigh county, Pa..
           9          iii.      Clara Miller, born Abt. 1867.
          10          iv.      Laura Miller, born Abt. 1870.
          11          v.       Annie Miller, born Abt. 1873.
          12          vi.      Morris Miller, born Abt. 1874.
          13          vii.      Lizzie Miller, born Abt. 1876.

Generation No. 3

          8.  Frank J. J. Miller (Jacob2, Jacob1) was born 21 September 1863 in Lower Macungie Twp., Lehigh County, Pennsylvania(10,11), and died 01 January 1944 in Macungie, Lehigh county, Pa..  He married Louisa S. Fegley12 Abt. 1884(13), daughter of Nathan Fegley and Lovina Rothenberger.  She was born 31 August 1867 in Longswamp Twp., Berks county, Pennsylvania(13,14,15), and died 11 May 1956 in Allentown, Lehigh county, Pennsylvania.

Notes for Frank J. J. Miller:
Federal Census-1910-Lower Macungie Twp, Lehigh Co., Pa (Macungie Borough)

Race St.
Miller, Frank           Head        45     Laborer in Lumberyard    Owns house
          Louisa         Wife         42    
          Walter         Son           24      Miller in  Flour Mill
          Fredie         Son           19      Laborer (Odd Jobs)
          Meda          Daughter   16      Knitter  (Knitting Mill)
          Mamie        Daughter   12
          Marie          Daughter    ?   

Obituary, Allentown Morning Call
          Frank J.J. Miller, husband
of Louisa (Fegely) Miller, 120 Race St.,
Macungie, died at his late residence on
Saturday evening at 8:30 p.m.. He had
been employed at the Donaldson Iron co.
Emmaus until 17 years ago when failing
health caused him to retire.
          Born in Lower Macungie township,
Lehigh county, he was the son of the late
Jacob and Amanda (Xander) (?) Miller. He
had been a resident of Macungie for the last
40 years.
          Surviving are his wife Louisa, nee
Fegely, Miller; four daughters, Mrs. Forrest
Weaver, at home; Mrs. L.W. Shelly, Allentown;
Mrs. Mamie Wean, at home; and Mrs. Lloyd
Spoonheimer, Emmaus; two sons, Walter J.
and Fred F., both of Allentown; 13 grandchildren
and 12 great-grandchildren; one brother, Morris
M. Miller, Allentown; and three sisters, Mrs. Clara
Hoffman, Pottstown; Mrs. Lizzie Marcks, Emmaus;
and Mrs. Mame Stansfield, Allentown.

Notes for Louisa S. Fegley:
          Mrs. Louisa S. (Fegley) Miller, widow
          of Frank J.J. Miller, died last night in the
          home of her daughter and son-in-law, Mr.
          and Mrs. L.W. Shelly, 1125 N. 19th St.,
                    Born 88 years ago in Longswamp
          Twp. Berks County, She was a daughter of the
          late Nathan and Lovina (Rothenberger) Fegley.
                    She was a member of Grace Lutheran
          Church, Macungie, and the Ladies Aid Society.
                    She is survived by two sons, Walter J.
          Miller, Emmaus; Fred F. Miller, Allentown; Four
          daughters, Clara, wife of Forrest Weaver, Emmaus;
          Meda, wife of L.W. Shelly, Allentown; Mrs. Mamie
          Wean, Allentown; and Marie, wife of Lloyd Spon-
          heimer, Emmaus, and a sister, Mrs. Annie
          Seifert, Allentown. There are 11 grandchildren,
          21 great-grandchildren and three great-great-
                    Her husband preceeded her in death
          12 years ago.
Children of Frank Miller and Louisa Fegley are:
+      14          i.          Walter Jacob Miller, born 05 October 1885 in Lower Macungie Township, Pa.; died                                   26 December 1970 in Allentown, Pa. ( Allentown Hospital).
          15          ii.          Clara Miller, born July 1888.  She married Forrest Weaver.
+      16       iii.       Fred Frank Miller, born February 1891.
          17          iv.       Almeda Miller, born May 189316.  She married Lloyd Sponheimer.
          18          v.          Mamie Miller, born January 1898.
          19          vi.       Marie Miller, born Abt. 1902.

Generation No. 4

          14.  Walter Jacob Miller (Frank J. J.3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born 05 October 1885 in Lower Macungie Township, Pa., and died 26 December 1970 in Allentown, Pa. (Allentown Hospital)(17).  He married Ida Augusta Trexler 22 October 1910 in Home of Ida's parents in Spring Creek , Lehigh County(18), daughter of Charles Trexler and Mary Hilbert.  She was born 18 August 1886 in Lower Macungie, Lehigh County, Pa.(19), and died 31 March 1953 in 66 S. Race St., Allentown, Pa.20.

Notes for Walter Jacob Miller:
          In 1907, Walter bought  a lot of land in Salisbury twp. from Edwin H. and Elizabeth Miller for the sum of $150.00. This land, described as lot #67,  "part of East Lawn Plot" was bounded on the south by Main St., on the north by Long alley, and by lots #66 and #68 on the east and west. It measured 150 ft. by 20 ft.
          In Mar. of 1909, he purchased a lot in Macungie Borough from Alvin J. Fegley ( bricklayer) and his wife Catherine M. for the sum of $156.00. This land is described as being bounded by Race st. and Cedar street and bordering on land "to be conveyed to Forrest Weaver and by land to be conveyed to Frank J.J. Miller" and by land owned by Alvin Fegley.
          Walter Miller purchased property along Race St. in Macungie Borough for the sum of $1.00 from his aunt and uncle, Clara and Forest Weaver, in June of 1910. Walter used this land to build a house for himself and his soon-to-be bride, Ida Trexler.
          Walter purchased a brick house and property on North Eighth st. in Allentown for the sum of $3500.00 in 1919. In 1922, he bought a total of four lots in an area of Salisbury township known as "City View Terrace". The total paid for these lots was $700.00.

Obituary, Allentown Morning Call, Dec 27, 1970
                 Walter J. Miller, 85, of 45 S. 3rd St., Emmaus,
          died saturday in Allentown Hospital.
                 Miller was a carpenter for the Allentown Emamel
          Strip Company until retiring.
                  He was the husband of the late Ida (Trexler)
          Miller. Born in Lower Macungie Township, he was
          a son of the late Frank and Louise (Fegley) Miller.
                 He was a member of Grace Lutheran Church,
                 Surviving are three sons, Ernest, of Orlando,
          Florida; Charles, of Allentown; and Paul of Westport,
          Conn.; three sisters, Clara, wife of Forrest Weaver,
          and Marie wife of Lloyd Sponheimer, all of Emmaus,
          and Mrs. Mamie Wean of Allentown; 12 grandchildren;
          19 great-grandchildren, and a great-great-grandchild.

Notes for Ida Augusta Trexler:

Marriage Notes for Walter Miller and Ida Trexler:
Marriage notice for Ida and Walter appeared in the Oct. 27, 1910 issue of the Macungie Progress. It states that the bride and groom were married in the home of Ida' s parents, Mr. and Mrs. Charles P. Trexler of Spring Creek. Walter is noted to be "the eldest son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Miller of town".           According to the marriage notice  "The groom has for some years been employed as a miller in the Keystone Mills here and is an industrious, exemplary young man. His chosen helpmate is a most estimable young woman and the many friends of the couple have reason to hope and wish for them a happy future as husband and wife. They expect to occupy the handsome home which the groom has built on Race St. last summer, as soon as the present tennant vacates the same." The marriage was performed by the Reverend W.M. Kopenhaver.
Children of Walter Miller and Ida Trexler are:
+          20          i.          Ernest T. Miller.
+          21          ii.       Charles Miller.
+          22          iii.       Paul T. Miller.
+          23          iv.          Mary Louise Miller, born 29 April 1921 in Allentown, Lehigh county, Pennsylvania;                                  died 07 September 1950 in Allentown, Pa..

          16.  Fred Frank Miller (Frank J. J.3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born February 1891(21).  He married Elsie. 
Child of Fred Miller and Elsie is:
          24          i.          Arlene Miller.  She married Roxberry.

Generation No. 5

          20.  Ernest T. Miller (Walter Jacob4, Frank J. J.3, Jacob2, Jacob1)  He married Evelyn McEllroy. 

     21.  Charles Miller (Walter Jacob4, Frank J. J.3, Jacob2, Jacob1)  He married Perma. 

    22.  Paul T. Miller (Walter Jacob4, Frank J. J.3, Jacob2, Jacob1)  He married Mildred Sell. 

          23.  Mary Louise Miller (Walter Jacob4, Frank J. J.3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born 29 April 1921 in Allentown, Lehigh county, Pennsylvania(22), and died 07 September 1950 in Allentown, Pa..  She married James Louis Danner 11 May 1944 in Grace Lutheran Church , Allentown, son of Pearle Danner and Agnes Richter.  He was born 27 March 1921 in Bethlehem, Pa..

Notes for Mary Louise Miller:
          Mary was a very nice young woman with a lovely shade of strawberry-blond hair. Her name, Mary Louise,  came from her two grandmother's, Mary (Cleaver) Trexler and Louise (Fegley) Miller.
          Mary is said to have enjoyed being a mother to her three children. Tragically,  her life ended at a young age because of cancer.

Notes for James L. Danner:
James Danner is a veteran of the U.S. Army . He served during WWII.
After James'  wife Mary died of Hodgkin's disease he remarried. For many years, he was  self-employed as an auto-mechanic.


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     Descendants of Jacob MILLER