300+ Years of Pennsylvania Dutch Heritage

They fought for the country they loved. They fought with honor and courage. They went to war to defend and protect the  freedoms and ideals of their country. Some paid the ultimate price.
Revolutionary War
From Berks County, Pa
5th Class, 1st. Co.3rd Battalion

From Montgomery County
Private, then Ensign in
the Philadelphia Militia

Hendrich Ludwig
From Lehigh County

War of 1812
Horatio COFFIN
From Carbon County, Pa

Civil War
From Lehigh County, Pa.
176th Pa. Co. I
Enlisted 10/16/1862
Died at Hilton Head, S.C. 2/14/1863
Buried at Beaufort National Cemetery,
Hilton Head, S.C.

From Carbon County, Pa
81st. Regiment, Co. I
Enlisted Oct. 15, 1861
Discharged Oct. 14, 1864
Wounded near Petersburg, Va.
in March of 1862 (Shoulder Wound)
Buried at Danielsville Cemetery,
Northampton Co., Pa.

Stanley W. BLOCH
U.S. Navy

U.S. Army
Died 16 May 2007

Kermit C. MOYER
1st Armored Division,
6th Battalion
U.S. Army
Killed in Action in Italy, 1944


The following message was among the personal effects of Pvt. Kermit Moyer:

         "Soldiers of the 1st Armored Division:
                   You have fought long and hard and well in Tunisia. You have 'put out'. You have "produced'.  More power to you.
                   You are now returned to a rear area. Do not forget the heights to which you have brought your division in combat --amongst the immortal units of the United States Army. You know the hell that is war. Soldiering away from a front can also be  war. As you won at  the front, you will win behind the front. Ahead of you lie opportunities for further glories. I know you are resolved by your comportment, your zeal, your acceptance of conditions and by your own self-discipline to prepare and keep yourselves ready for those opportunities. I congratulate you on your marvelous achievements. I welcome you now to the VI Corps. I want to help you to further successes.
                                                                     E. Dawley (??) (Hard to
                                                                                             make out the name)                    
                                                                     Major General, U.S.A.
         1 June 1943
         Hq VI Corps APO 306                                                
James L. Danner