Descendants of Jacob BLOCH & Catharine ROHRBACH
of Berks County, Pennsylvania
1. Jacob BLOCH mar. Anna Maria Catharina ROHRBACH, dau. of Lorenz ROHRBACH, bef. 1797. She was born 16 Dec. 1770.
          Children of Jacob BLOCH & Catharina Rohrbach are:
2.     i. Jacob BLOCH, b. 26 July 1797
          ii. Margaret BLOCH, b. abt. 1799
          iii. George BLOCH, b. ab. 1800

2. Jacob Bloch (Jacob BLOCH1) was born 26 July 1797and baptised at St. Joseph's (Hill) Reformed  Church, Pike Twp., Berks County. Sponsors: Henry Frey & Mar. Bloch. He married Elizabeth and resided in Pile Twp.

                    Children of Jacob BLOCH & Elizabeth are:
3.:          i.Augustus Bloch, b. 16 Jan 1840, bap. St. Paul's Lutheran, Pike Twp.
             ii.Jonathon Bloch, (Twin). b. 16 Jan. 1840; d. 10 April 1921; Bur.                             Maidencreek Reformed Church.
4.           iii.James Bloch, b. 5 July 1842, bap. St. Paul's Lutheran, Pike Twp                         
Possibly also 
(These three may not be Elizabeth's children)
5.            iv.Catherine, b. abt. 1834
6.             v.George  b. March 1838
7.            vi. Amos    b. abt. 1839

3. Augustus BLOCH (Jacob2, Jacob 1) was born  16 Jan. 1840 and baptised at St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Pike Twp.He died 18 Nov. 1915. He married Emma BACHMAN on 2 April 1870. ( Rev. J.S. Herman). They are both buried at " Hinnerschitz" Good Shepherd U.C.C. Cemetery.

          Children of Augustus BLOCH & Emma BACHMAN are:
                 i. Charles BLOCH, b. abt. 1871
8.              ii. Jacob BLOCH, b. 17 Sept. 1872
9.              iii. Silas BLOCH, b. 8 Feb. 1874
10.         iv.  Barbara BLOCH, b. abt. 1876
.                v.  Augustus BLOCH, b. abt. 1878
11.          vi. Edwin BLOCH, b. 22 March 1880, Pricetown.

4. James Bloch (Jacob2, Jacob1) was born on 5 July 1841 in Pike Twp, Berks County (Bap. St. Paul's Lutheran Church, Pike Twp.). He married Ellen abt. 1869. She was born abt. 1851 and died before 1920.

          Children of James BLOCH & Ellen are:
12.            i. Amos BLOCH, b. 23 July 1873; Mar. Rebecca
                 ii. Wilson BLOCH, b. 1871 (Living in Schuylkill by 1900)
                 iii.Charles, b. May 1872
                 iv. Elizabeth, b. 1 September 1876 (bap. St. John's UCC)
                  v. Carrie, b. July 1878; Mar. Strasser. Widowed by 1900.
                        Ch:    Edith E., b. 1895
                            James J., b. 1899
                 vi.. Clayton, b. April 1888

5. Catharine "Kate" BLOCH (Jacob2, Jacob1) was  born  abt. 1834 in Pike Twp. She married  John KEMMERER on 8 May 1854 at 1st Reformed Church, Reading, Pa. She died on 8 February 1917 and is buried at St. Paul's Union Church, Fleetwood.
(Note: Further research is needed to be sure that the information on Catharine Bloch is accurate)
          Children of Catharine BLOCH and John KEMMERER are:
              i. John KEMMERER, Jr.
              ii. Cyrus KEMMERER
          iii. Maggie KEMMERER; mar. BERTOLET
          iv. Daughter KEMMERER; mar. SCHADLER

6. George Bloch (Jacob2, Jacob1) was born about 1838 and died 17 September 1922. He married Elizabeth HOCH on 5 February 1860. She was born 7 june 1841 and died 21 June 1900. They are buried at St. Paul's Union Church, Fleetwood.

          Children of George BLOCH & Elizabeth HOCH are:
13.              i. Daniel BLOCH, b. 1 Dec. 1860
14               ii. Sarah BLOCH, b. abt. 1862
15           iii. Malinda BLOCH, b. abt. 1864
16               iv. Mary BLOCH, b. abt. 1865
17               v. Emma BLOCH, b. abt. 1868
18               vi. Albert H. BLOCH, b. 1871
19               vii.George BLOCH, b. abt. 1873
20               viii. Lydia BLOCH, b. abt. 1869

7. Amos BLOCH (Jacob2, Jacob1) was born abt. 1839. He married Sarah. She died 16 January 1900 and is buried at Gernant's church Cemetery.

          Children of Amos BLOCH & Sarah are:
            i. Charles BLOCH, b. abt. 1857
            ii. Elizabeth, b. abt. 1862

8. Jacob BLOCH (Augustus3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born 17 Septenber 1872 and died 23 March 1945. He 
    married Mary DELP approximately 1895. She was born on 1 May 1878  
    and died 2 Dec. 1862. They are buried at "Hinnerschitz" Good Sheperd
    U.C.C. Cemetery.
          Children of Jacob BLOCH and Mary DELP are:
          i. Nora BLOCH, b. July 1896

9. Silas BLOCH (Augustus3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born 8 February 1874 and died 14 February 1910. He is buried with his parents in "Hinnerschitz"  Cemetery.

10. Barbara BLOCH (Augustus3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born about 1876. She married George F. SCHULKER (SCHUCKER?) in Sept. 1894. By 1915 she was living in New Jersey.

11. Edwin BLOCH (Augustus3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born 22 March 1880  and baptised at St. John's Union Church in Pricetown, Berks County. He died in 1954 and is buried in "Hinnerschitz" cemetery.

12. Amos Bloch (James3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born 23 July 1874 in Berks County. He married Rebecca. She was born in 1878 and died in May of 1868.

          Children of Amos BLOCH and Rebecca are:
       i.  Edna R. BLOCH, b. abt. 1900
       ii. Mable BLOCH, b. abt. 1902
       iii. Arthur BLOCH, b. 27 Nov. 1903; died 14 Nov. 1966.
       iv. Victor E. BLOCH, b. abt. 1912; died 23 March 1954.
13.  Daniel BLOCH (George3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born on 1 December
          1860 and died 8 March 1938. He married Tamie HEFFNER. She was 
          born 27 October 1863 and died 1 December 1950. They are both buried
          at Fleetwood Cemetery, Berks County, Pa.

          Children of Daniel BLOCH and Tamie HEFFNER are:
          i. Estella M. BLOCH, b. 15 June 1885; mar. Francis STOUDT
          ii. Esther BLOCH, b. 2 Sept. 1900; d. 8 August 1950.

14. Sarah BLOCH (George3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born about 1862. She
          married John GRIM in 1906. In the 1880 and 1900 census', Sarah was
          a housekeeper in the home of Samuel Herbine.

15. Malinda BLOCH (George3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born 10 January 1863
          and died 7 March 1930. She married George TRIEVEL on 18 July 1885
          in Reading, Pa. He was born in 1858 and died in 1931.They are buried
          at Spies Church Cemetery in Alsace Twp, Berks County, Pa.

          Children of Malinda BLOCH and George TRIEVEL are:
          i. Warren S. TRIEVEL, b. abt. 1892
          ii. Ida M. TRIEVEL, b. abt. 1894
          iii. Alethe A. TRIEVEL, b. abt. 1898
          iv. Calvin Harry TRIEVEL, b. 1902

16. Mary BLOCH (George3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born about 1865. She
          married John C. KEEHN in 1890. They resided in Exeter Twp. from
          1900 through 1930. They did not have children.

17. Emma BLOCH (George3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born 17 December 1868
          and died 22 March 1920. She married Charles Leinbach in March of
          1901 at St. John's Union Church .

18. Albert H. BLOCH (George3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born in 1871 and died
          in 1936. He married Sallie FELIX . She was born in 1876 and died in
          1938. They are buried at Fleetwood Cemetery, Berks county, Pa.

          Children of Albert BLOCH and Sallie FELIX are:
          i. Walter BLOCH, b. 13 August1893; d. 31 May 1963 (WWI vet); Bur.
              Fleetwood Cemetery.
          ii. Alice BLOCH, b. abt. 1898; mar. Wilson BOSLER
          iii.Goldie M. Bloch, b. abt. 1906; mar. SPATZ

19. George BLOCH (George3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born in November
          of 1872. He married Amelia FISHER . She was born July 1876 and
          died 6 August 1894 (buried St. Paul's Union church, Fleetwood).          

          Children of George BLOCH and Amelia are:
          i. Helen BLOCH, b. Oct. 1898
          ii. Minerva BLOCH, b. abt. 1900
          iii. Floyd BLOCH, b. abt. 1904
          iv. Daughter BLOCh, b. abt. 1910

20. Lydia BLOCH (George3, Jacob2, Jacob1) was born in 1869 and died
          29 December 1945. She married James OHMACHT. He was born
          in 1866 and died 23 December 1940. They are buried at St. Paul's
          Cemetery, Fleetwood, Pa.
          Children of Lydia BLOCH and James OHMACHT are:
          i.Elsie OHMACHT, mar. James HAAS
          ii. Samuel OHMACHT; mar. Maude