Descendants of George Moyer
                                                          Generation No. 1

2.          i.GEORGE W. MOYER, b. 12 September 1850, Boyertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania; d. 26 December 1928, Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa..

                                                   Generation No. 2

2.  GEORGE W. MOYER (GEORGE1) was born 12 September 1850 in Boyertown, Berks County, Pennsylvania (1), and died 26 December 1928 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa..  He married LYDIA ANN SCHLEGEL 11 April 1871 in Berks County, Pennsylvania (2), daughter of SOLOMON SCHLEGEL and MARIA SCHAEFFER.  She was born 19 February 1851 in Fleetwood, Berks County, Pennsylvania (3), and died 03 May 1922 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa..

1880 Census for Upper Macungie, Lehigh County, Pa.
Pg. 448 D

George Moyer      30          Pa.            Works in Ore Bed
Lidia                    28          Pa.
Allas                     8           Pa.
Girty                     1           Pa.

1900 Federal Census, Allentown, Pa. 8th Ward
435 N. Eleventh St.
Moyer, Geo. W.    b. Sept 1850        49       Mar. 25 yrs.      Day Laborer     Rents Home
           Lydia        b. Feb. 1851        49       5 Ch/ 4 living
           Gerty A.    b. Aug. 1877       22                               Silk Mill (Winder?)
           Charles H. b. Jan 1884         16                               Silk Mill
           Minnie       b. Feb. 1889       10

1910 Federal Census, Allentown, Pa.
1416 Gordon St.
George W. Moyer       59    Mar. 36 yrs.        Digger   Sinks       Rents Home  speaks English
Lydia                         59    6 Ch./ 5 living                                                      speaks German
Gertie A.                    31                                 Winder  Silk Mill
Charles                      26                                 Running?  Steel Mill
Archibald                    7

          i.ALICE MOYER, b. Abt. 1872.
          ii.GERTRUDE MOYER, b. August 1877.
3.     iii.CHARLES HENRY MOYER, b. 01 January 1884, Breinigsville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania; d. 05 July 1974, Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.
          iv.MINNIE MOYER, b. February 1889.

                                                  Generation No. 3

3.  CHARLES HENRY MOYER (GEORGE W.2, GEORGE1) was born 01 January 1884 in Breinigsville, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania, and died 05 July 1974 in Upper Saucon Township, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.  He married CLARA ELLEN HEINTZELMAN 01 December 1917 in St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Allentown, Pa, daughter of CHARLES HEINTZELMAN and AMANDA BAILEY.  She was born 17 October 1889 in Steinsville, Lynn Township, Lehigh County, Pa.(3), and died 11 September 1952 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa.(3).

          Charles was born in Breinigsville in 1884. He moved to Allentown sometime before 1912. Although family lore suggests that Charles was married more than once, no evidence has been found to support this, as yet.
          After Charles married Clara Heintzelman, they lived for at few years at 615 N. 16th St. in Allentown. By 1920, they lived in a rented house at 242 Twelfth St.
According to family members, Charles had a reputation as a "ladies' man". During his wife's final illness, and immediatley after her death, he was reportedly involved with other women.
          Charles' second marriage was to Bertha Frankenfield Brown. After his marriage, Charles joined his wife's church, the Kingdom Hall of Jehovah's Witnesses in Center Valley, Pa. At the time of his death, he and Bertha lived at the Kramer Trailer Court in Center Valley.
          Charles was also a lifelong member of the Red Hawk Society, No. 55.

          Clara was one of seven children born to Charles and Amanda Heintzelman. She spent her childhood in Steinsville, Lynn Township. After the death of her mother in 1909, Clara moved to Allentown with her father and her brother Howard. This is apparently where she met Charles Moyer, whom she married in 1917.
          Clara and Charles had two children, Althea and Kermit. The family were members of St. Luke's Lutheran church where Clara was a choir mother. Clara remained active with her church throughout her life. Her grandchildren can remember attending church with her every Sunday when they were young. Clara was also a member of the Ladies Auxiliary of the American Legion.
          One of the most tragic periods of Clara's life was undoubtedly when she lost her only son, Kermit, when he was killed in action in World War II. Kermit is buried in Italy.
          According to family members who knew Clara, she was very interested in the occult and would often hold seances in her home. Her granddaughters, Mary Anna and Gloria can recall some of these, including one in which a trumpet was seen to levitate above the ground with no visible means of support!
          Clara's own life ended in 1952 after being diagnosed with cancer. She spent the last 2 1/2 weeks of her life in Allentown Osteopathic Hospital and died less than a week after an unsuccessful operation. She was buried in Highland Memorial Cemetery just ten days before her grandchild, Joyce, would succumb to Polio.
          As a side note, Clara's belief in psychic phenomena may not have been unfounded. Shortly after her death and just before Joyce's death, another granddaughter, Mary Ann, saw Clara's image standing in her room late one night. Mary Ann now believes that it was an attempt by Clara to warn the family that something bad was about to happen.

4.          i.ALTHEA EVA MOYER, b. 08 August 1919, Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa.; d. 30 December 1993, Whitehall, Lehigh Township, Pennsylvania.
          ii.KERMIT MOYER, b. 30 August 1921, Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa.; d. 28 November 1944, Italy.

Generation No. 4

4.  ALTHEA EVA MOYER (CHARLES HENRY3, GEORGE W.2, GEORGE1) was born 08 August 1919 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa.(4), and died 30 December 1993 in Whitehall, Lehigh Township, Pennsylvania.  She married STANLEY WARREN BLOCH 11 May 1938 in St. Stephen's Lutheran Church, Allentown, Pa (5), son of WILLIAM BLOCH and MARY ROMIG.  He was born 01 November 1915 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa.(6), and died 23 August 2000 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa.(7).


                   Obituary, Allentown Morning Call
                  Althea E. Bloch, 74, of Whitehall Township,
          died Thursday at home. She was the wife of
       Stanley W. Bloch. They were married 55 years
          in May.
                  Born in Allentown, she was a daughter of
          the late Charles and Clara (Heintzelman) Moyer.
                  Survivors: Husband; sons, Robert B. of
          Bethlehem and Kermit W. of Alburtis; daughters,
          Mary A., wife of Quentin h. Brunell of Nazareth,
          Gloria A., wife of Ronald R. Hartzell of Orefield,
          and Carol E., wife of Lon G. Dolly of Topton;
          14 grandchildren and 19 great-grandchildren.
          She was predeceased by a daughter, Joyce.

Marriage Notes for ALTHEA MOYER and STANLEY BLOCH:

          In 1940, Stanley and Althea lived at 923 1/2 N. 6th St. in Allentown. He worked as a floorman at Linde Air Products. By 1945, they were living at 844 N. 6th st., although Stanley was in the Navy at this time.
          In the mid-1940's, Stanley and Althea purchased a home at 127 S. Jefferson St. in Allentown. The home was mortgaged through State Capital Savings and Loan Assoc. 

          In 1951, Stanley and Althea purchased land in Salisbury township from William Hottenstein for the sum of $9,000.00. This property is described as being along the road leading from Allentown to Center Valley. Stanley and Althea raised their family here. They sold the home in 1971. They then lived in a trailer court for several years before moving to an apartment in Whitehall, Pa.
5.          i.GLORIA BLOCH.Living
6.          ii.CAROL BLOCH.Living
7.          iii.KERMIT BLOCH.Living
8.          iv.MARY ANN BLOCH, b. 17 November 1938; d. 03 April 2004, St. Luke's Hospice, Fountain Hill, Pennsylvania.
          v.JOYCE BLOCH, b. 29 January 1941, Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa.(8); d. 21 September 1952, Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa.(9).
9.          vi.ROBERT  BLOCH, Living

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