Descendants of Julius RICHTER
Generation No. 1

1.  JULIUS RICHTER was born Abt. 1828 in Leukendorf, Prussia (1), and died 09 August 1893 in Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.  He married CAROLINE in Germany.  She was born Abt. 1832 in Germany1, and died 02 July 1909 in Norristown, Montgomery County, Pa.(1).

          Julius Richter was born in Leukendorf, Germany. In 1854, he and his wife, Caroline and son, Oscar emigrated to the United States aboard the ship, Enterprise. they arrived at the port of New York on May 17, 1854. It is not known if the family traveled to Pennsylvania immediately or not. They were here by 1856, when Julius filed his intent to become a citizen at the Lehigh County Courthouse.

          Federal Census, 11 June 1860, Lehigh County, Pa.
          Hanover Township, Pg. 19

          Julius Richter             35            Laborer             b. in Saxony
          Caroline                       28                                    b. in Persia (Prussia?)
          Oscar                        7             Attend School    b. in Persia
       Henry                        6                                     b. in Pa.
       Ida                                 5                                              Pa.
          Augustus Roth           25             Laborer             Saxony

       Federal Census, 1870, Northampton County, Pa.
          S. Bethlehem

          Kelious Richter          46          M          Zinc Works          b. in Prussia
          Caroline                       38          F                                        "   "
          Oscar                          18          M          Zinc Works          "   "
          Henry                          15        M                                         b. in Pa.          
          Ida                               14          F                                            Pa.                    
          Cornelia                         8          F                                               Pa.
          Philip                             5          M                                              Pa.
          Amelia                           4          F.                                              Pa.
          Julius                             3          M                                              Pa.
          Emille                      10/12        M                                              Pa.

          Federal Census, 1 June 1880, Northampton County, Pa.
          S. Bethlehem 

          Julius Richter   57          Laborer                    Saxony
          Caroline             47          Keep House           Prussia
          Philip                 13          Zinc Works             Pa.
          Malia                    12          At Home                 Pa.
          Julius                 10                                          Pa.
      Emile                     8                                           Pa.
          Mary Abbott      4                                           Pa.   (gr.daughter)
          Henry Richter    25          Laborer                    Pa.

          1890 Northampton County Census Directory
          S. Bethlehem, Pa.

          Julius Richter, 63       210 Second St.
          Caroline, 58
          Lullies, 21
          Amelia, 19
          Mary, 15

Notes for CAROLINE:
          In the 1900 Federal Census, Caroline is living in the household of Michael Burkhardt in Bethlehem, working as a servant. She was 68 at this time.
          At the time of her death, she was institutionalized at the Norristown State Hospital. The reasons for this are unknown, but given her age (mid-seventies), it is likely that she suffered from some type of senility.
Children of Julius RICHTER and Caroline are:
          i.          Oscar RICHTER, b. Abt. 1853.
          ii.          Henry RICHTER, b. Abt. 1855.
          iii.          Ida RICHTER, b. Abt. 1856; d. 25 February 1875, Bethlehem, Pennsylvania.
          iv.          Cornelia RICHTER, b. Abt. 1862.
          v.          Philip RICHTER, b. 12 December 1864.
      vi.          Amelia RICHTER, b. Abt. 1866.
2.    vii.          Louis Julius RICHTER, b. 21 May 1868, Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; d. 02 May 1916, Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania.
          viii.     Emil RICHTER, b. 17 October 1869.
          ix.      William RICHTER, b. 31 December 1871; d. 09 May 1872.
          x.          August RICHTER, b. 12 May 1873.

                                            Generation No. 2

2.  Louis Julius RICHTER (JULIUS1) was born 21 May 1868 in Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania (1), and died 02 May 1916 in Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania(1).  He married Anna Marie Caroline WEIN, daughter of Michael WEIN and Anna HOFFMAN.  She was born 10 November 1868 in Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania1, and died 13 May 1931 in Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania (2,3).

          In 1900, Louis worked for the Bethlehem Steel. He apparently resided with his wife and children and mother-in-law, Anna Wein, at 122 E. 3rd St., Bethlehem for part of the year, but at the time of the census for that year, he is listed as a boarder in another household.
          In the 1910 Census, Louis is again listed in the same household as his wife and children. His occupation is listed as "odd jobs".

Obituary, Bethlehem Globe Times:
                    Lewis J. Richter died this A.M.
          after a week's illness with pneumonia in his
          late home, 538 Jischke Street. He was 48
           years old, having been born in this city. He
          was a son of the late Julius and Caroline
          Richter. For several years he was employed
          in the old Lehigh Zinc Works. Besides his
          widow, Carrie nee Wien, he leaves five children;
          Mrs. Pearl Danner, Elizabeth, Caroline, Josephine,
          and Aloysius; and two brothers, Philip and Oscar,
          Bethlehem. His son James died last week. The
          Funeral will take place Friday at 2:00 P.M.  A
      service will be held in the house. Internment will
      be made in Holy Ghost Cemetery.

Notes for Anna Marie Caroline WEIN:
          In 1930, Caroline lived on Bradley St. with her son Aloysius. The monthly rent for the home was $19.00. 

          Obituary, Allentown Morning Call

          Mrs. Anna C. Richter

          Mrs. Anna Carolina Richter, widow of
       the late Louis Richter, died on Wednesday
          evening at 7 o'clock at the family home,
          632 Bradley St., Bethlehem, in her 61st year.
          She had been ill for some time. She enjoyed
          her supper on wednesday evening, but shortly
          afterwards, complained and expired from a
          heart attack.
             Mrs. Richter was born in Bethlehem on Oct. 10,
          1870, a daughter of the late Michael and Anna
          (Hoffman) Wien, she was a devoted member of
          the church of the Holy Ghost. Her husband
          preceeded her in death 14 years ago.
               There survive one son, Aloysius, at home;
          four daughters, Mrs. Pearl Danner, Moravia St.,
          Fountain Hill; Mrs. George Miller, West Fairview ST.
          Bethlehem; Mrs. John Eck, Allentown; and
          Josephine, at home; seven grandchildren,
          and three sisters, Mrs. James Hutchinson, Ontario
          St., Bethlehem, Mrs. Harvey Shellenberger, North
          Bethlehem, and Mrs. John Evrard, East Third St.

Marriage Notes for Louis RICHTER and Anna WEIN:

Federal Census, 1900, Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pa.
            Richter, Julius     34           married 10 years    (living in a boarding house)    Laborer

            Anna Wein           55          Mother of 9 children, 8 living     rented home
            Carrie Richter       30          married 11 years, mother of 4 children, 3 living      Dressmaker
            James                     9
            Elizabeth               7           
            Agnes                   7
            Agnes Tyler          26           dressmaker  (widow)
            Anna Tyler             6

          Federal Census, 1910, S. Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pa.
           Richert, Lewis J.          41          Odd jobs           Rents Home
           Hilland                             40
           James T.                       19
           Agnes                           17
           Elizabeth                    17
           Olwishes                      5
            ?                                 3

Children of Louis RICHTER and Anna WEIN are:
          i.          Anna RICHTER.

Notes for Anna RICHTER:
          When Anna was a baby, her mother became very ill, so her mother's sister, _______ Everard, took the baby to care for. However, when the baby's mother was finally recovered, she discovered that her sister and her sister's husband had adopted the baby and refused to give her back. The little girl, Anna, died at the age of five.

          ii.          James RICHTER, b. 05 August 1890 (3)d. 26 April 1916 (3)
          iii.          Elizabeth Veronica RICHTER, b. 06 February 1893 (3) d. 09 January 19863; m. MILLER (3).
3.          iv.          Agnes Marie RICHTER, b. 06 February 1893, Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania; d. 18 May 1978, Fountain Hill, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania.
          v.          Aloysius RICHTER, b. 05 September 1895(3) d. 26 May 1966, Fullerton, Pennsylvania (4); m. Anna M.; b. 11 February 1913(5); d. 24 July 19725.
          vi.          Caroline RICHTER, b. 1906 (5); d. 18 April 19795; m. JOHN M. ECK (5)
          vii.          Josephine RICHTER, b. 1908 (5); d. 19735; m. EDDINGER (5).

Generation No. 3

3.  Agnes Marie RICHTER (Louis Julius2, Julius1) 5 was born 06 February 1893 in Bethlehem, Northampton County, Pennsylvania (6,7,8), and died 18 May 1978 in Fountain Hill, Lehigh County, Pennsylvania (8).  She married Pearl Ulysses DANNER (8) 03 May 1915 in Allentown, Lehigh County, Pa.(9), son of William DANNER and Araminda RAVERT.  He was born 12 June 1894 in Walnutport, Northampton County, Pa, and died 25 December 1957 in Fountain Hill, Lehigh County, Pa.

Notes for Agnes Marie RICHTER:
          Agnes grew up in a poor German Catholic family in a small rented house in Fountain Hill. She was one of seven children.
          As a child, Agnes became very sick one year near Easter time and nearly died. Her family started calling her "Bunny". It was a nickname that her family and friends would use for the rest of her life.
          Agnes had her first child, Joseph, out of wedlock, because her parents refused to let her marry
a man who was of Hungarian ancestry. She married Pearl Danner when Joseph was less than one year of age. Although Joseph was never formally adopted, Pearl always treated him as if he were his own son.
          As a twin, Agnes and her sister, Lizzie often had identical tastes in clothing. Agnes's daughter recalls one occasion when she and her mother were shopping for a dress to wear to a funeral. Agnes found one she liked and bought it. When she wore it to the funeral, she saw her
sister had on identical dress! It turned out that Lizzie had even bought her dress at a completely different store.
          As she got older, Agnes became a little eccentric about some things. She especially liked to hide money because she thought someone would steal it from her. But her choice in hiding places were often a bit bizarre, such as when she hid some money in the toaster. The money was discovered when her daughter-in-law, Connie, made toast and the money caught on fire!
          Agnes was also known to tell people that nobody gave her any food. She would sometimes go to visit her granddaughter, Judy, at the bottom of Warren St. and say that nobody had fed her!

             Obituary- Bethlehem Globe Times
               May 19, 1978
                       Mrs. Agnes Marie Danner, 85
               of 18 Warren St., Fountain Hill,
               widow of Pearl U. Danner, died
               yesterday at St. Luke's hospital.
                       Born in Bethlehem, she was the
               daughter of the late Louis and
               Caroline (Wein) Richter.
                       A member of St. Ursula Catholic
                Church, Fountain Hill, she formerly
                held membership at Holy Ghost
                Catholic Church, Bethlehem, and
                was a life member of Seidersville
                Democratic Club.
                  Surviving are four sons, Joseph
                P. and James L. both of Fountain Hill,
                William C. of Bethlehem, and John
                of Salisbury Township; a daughter,
                Mrs. Paul Gross with whom she
                resided; two sisters, her twin, Mrs.
                Elizabeth Miller of Fountain Hill and
                Mrs. Caroline Eck of Allentown, 14
                grandchildren and 18 great-grandchildren.

Notes for Pearl Ulysses DANNER:
              In 1910, Pearl and his sister Erma are listed as the purchasers of a lot adjacent to the one owned by his aunt, Malissa Danner, on Moravia St. in Fountain Hill. Considering that Pearl was only 16 at the time, and his sister only about 10, the land was likely purchased by their father and put in their names. The purchase price was $325.00.  In 1939, Pearl sold his share of the land to his sister, Erma for $1.00.
             As a young man,Pearl worked for Peter Moll, a blacksmith on Seneca St. in Fountain Hill (est. 1913). Later, Pearl was employed by the the railroad at the Bethlehem Steel Co. In the 1930's he began to experience health problems, which the doctor told him was because of "floating kidneys". At this time he went to work at the Open Hearth furnaces at the steel and continued to work there until he retired. He was also a volunteer firefighter. In his spare time, he enjoyed going to the auto races.
          Pearl had a very nice singing voice and would always listen to German hour on the radio and sing along with the music. He also enjoyed playing the harmonica and would sit out on the bench under the apple tree in the backyard with his sons and play his favorite songs.
          Throughout his life, Pearl owned a variety of different cars, including Ford Model T's, Dodges,
and Touring Cars.

               Obituary-Bethlehem Globe Times
                     Pearl U. Danner, 43, of 18 Warren
                St., Fountain Hill, died yesterday in St.
                Luke's Hospital. He was the husband
                of Mrs. Agnes M. (Richter) Danner.
                    Danner was a helper in No. 1 open
                hearth furnace at Bethlehem Steel Co.
                     Born in Walnutport, he was a son of
                the late William and Mamie (Reppert)
                    He was a member of Liberty Fire Co.
                 Bethlehem and Seidersville Democratic
                    Surviving besides his wife are four sons.
                 James L, William, Joseph, and John,
                 and a daughter, Anna, wife of Paul Gross,
                 all at home; a sister, Erma, wife of Victor
                 Troxell, Milton, Northumberland County,
                     and 12 grandchildren.

Marriage Notes for Agnes RICHTER and Pearl DANNER:
          Pearl and Agnes were married by W.F. Bower, Alderman on 3 May 1915.   They were re-married in Holy Ghost Catholic church on 11/26/ 1932.
          Pearl and Agnes raised their family in their home at 18 Warren St. in Founatin Hill. The home was purchased in 1917 by Pearl's father, William, and bequeathed to them in his will. Pearl and his sister, Erma, also inherited a vacant lot in the city of Allentown. This land was seized by the Tax Bureau in 1950 for nonpayment of taxes.
          Agnes worked for the Globe Movie theater for a short time around 1953. She also worked for a time in the kitchen at St. Luke's Hospital.
          After Pearl's death in 1957, Agnes lived in the Warren St. home for the rest of her life. Her daughter, Anna, moved in to the house with her family.

1930 Census, Fountain Hill
Warren St.
Danner, Ear U.        33       Rented home for $23 a month  Laborer (pick & Shovel)  Contractor
           Agnes M.   36                                               Winder at the Silk Mill
           William C.  11
           James A.     9
           Anna J.        7
Children of Agnes RICHTER and Pearl DANNER are:
          i.          Joseph P. DANNER, b. 02 August 1914; d. 1966; m. Mildred Catharine STUBER; b. 20 October 1915, Fountain Hill,  Lehigh County, Pennsylvania; d. April 2000.
          ii.          Agnes DANNER, b. 07 May 1917; d. 03 September 1917
4.     iii.    William C. DANNER, Living
5.     iv.     James L. DANNER, Living
6.      v.     Anna J. DANNER, Living
7.      vi.    John DANNER, Living