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The records of Reverend J. B. Rath- I would very much like to find out where the original records are for this reverend. He was a minister at St. Peter's Evangelical Church in the mid 1860's in South Bethlehem, Pa. Neither the church, nor the local Historical society has the original, handwritten records, they only have the typewritten transcripts. I need the original records because I believe that there was a mistake made in the entry of my ancestor's baptismal record when the records were typed.
Information on the Family of Julius Richter of South Behtlehem- Julius and Caroline Richter lived in South Bethlehem, Pa. from about 1864 through at least 1895 when Julius died. I believe that Caroline then worked for a few years as a domestic servant. The last few years of her life were apparently spent at the State Hospital in Norristown. They had the following children: Oscar, Henry, Ida, Cornelia (?), Philip, Amelia, Julius (Louis), and Emil. They also had a grandchild by the name of Mary Abbott, born about 1876. If you have any information about this family please contact me.
The baptismal record or other information on the siblings and parents of George W. Moyer of Lehigh and Berks county area.George was born 12 Sept.1850 in Boyertown, Pa. and died 26 December 1928 in Allentown, Pa. His parents were George and Anna (Weiss) Moyer. No other information is known about his siblings or parents.
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Any Information on Johan Bloch and his wife Phronica (Veronica) Lang. They lived in Berks County from abt. 1792 through 1833. This may have been a second marriage for Phronica. Johan was born about 1769. The couple married in 1790 and had 6 known children. I am also seeking information on theses children: Sara (b. 1792), Magdalene (b. 1797), susanna (b. 1807) and Christina (b. 1809). I belive I have identified their son Johannes (b. 1800), but still need confirmation. Their son Henry is my direct ancestor. See my Bloch family page for more information.